Unparalleled vistas of nature abound in this Township of Palawan that has some of the best beaches and Islands around. Hailed for its natural resources, abundance of marine habitat and rich colonial history, Taytay has endless possibilities for tourism and enjoyment. Those who visit it’s shores are sure to come away with wonderful experiences of Philippine culture.

Come to Taytay and explore with us!   

Taytay was founded in 1623 during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. 44 Years later development of the historic Taytay Fort commenced in honour of Spain’s Queen Isabella II and took 70 years to complete. It was primarily used as a defence against the native population. In 1818 Taytay became the capital of Palawan and in 1916 lost that designation.

There are 31 neighbourhood barangay zones in Taytay and a functioning airport with flights from Manila.      

Real Estate investment today in Taytay is largely speculative as so much of this municipality is undeveloped. The municipality is operated with a high degree of integrity by the mayoral leadership which will most likely result in future stability and appreciating real estate value all over Taytay.

If you are looking for the best commanding view of the ocean then look no further then Taytay.  

Code: IL005 – 30,000 sqm |
Location: Liminangcong, Taytay, Palawan

New Property!
Code: AL129 – 52,271 sqm |
Location: Pamantolon, TayTay, Palawan

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