New Property!
Code: BL170 – 8,184 sqm
Location: Tumarbong, Roxas, Palawan
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OVERVIEW – This Title property is located at Tumarbong, Roxas Palawan. It is along the road and planted with coconut trees and other fruit bearing trees. It is flat contour of land and is ideal for vacation houses and Resorts Retirement Communities development. The property is facing the beach and Sulu Sea. The view is facing different island and islets located in Roxas Bay, Palawan. Also there is a small man made fish pond within the property. That is sustainable.

TRAVELING – From the city of Puerto Princesa Airport, it takes 2 hours travel going to Roxas, Palawan with a good concrete road condition, however it takes more or less 1 hour travel from municipal property going to the property with concrete and rough road condition.

FACILITIES – Both smart and globe communication available in the area. Water can be access thru deep well, at present generator and solar panel can be used as source of electricity..

POTENTIALS – This property has a good views and relaxing environment which is perfect for those who are seeking a peaceful and healhty surroundings. I deal for building a retirement and vacation houses. It is also Ideal for camping site and destination resorts community.

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