With it’s wide vistas of open ocean and sand based islands this Palawan township has good potential for residential tropical living. Roxas is the second largest organized municipality in Palawan and touted as the Cashew Capital of the Philippines. With its beaches and fertile leisure farming lands, Roxas has a lot to offer.

There is more in store to explore!

The municipality of Roxas was established in 1951.

There are 31 neighborhood barangay zones in Roxas and a large fresh and dry goods market in the middle of the town. Also you will find commercial establishments, hardware stores, rural banks, tertiary education, tourism areas, lodging houses, inns and restaurants are some of the indicator functions that make Roxas a premier center in northern Palawan mainland.

Real Estate in Roxas is beautifully varied with most of the available lots located on the mainland. Beaches are curvy with fine quality sand and leisure farm lands are flat with good soil. There are many outstanding real estate lots available close to convenient amenities like schools, transportation and beaches.

Find yourself again and rediscover the meaning of life in Roxas.

Code: BL177 – 4,061 sqm |
Location: Malcampo, Roxas, Palawan

Code: AL068 – 113,071 sqm | Location: Malcampo, Roxas, Palawan

Code: AL033 – 107,366 sqm |
Location: Sandoval, Roxas, Palawan

Code: BL84 – 18,741 sqm |
Location: Taradungan, Roxas, Palawan

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