Puerto Princesa City


Well known as the Cleanest and Greenest City in the Philippines, this is Palawan’s Highly Urbanized township surrounded by beautiful beaches. Puerto Princesa is endowed with  all that makes Palawan worth coming to explore. From countless sightseeing tours and adventure excursions Puerto Princesa has it all.

The City in the Forest

During the Spanish explorations the territory of Puerto Princesa was established in 1872. It was the center of the Spanish Navel Operations. In 1911 Puerto Princesa became the capital of Palawan but was only converted into a city in 1970. It wasn’t until 2007 that the city became highly urbanized making it one of only 38 independent cities in the Philippines not under the direct administration of the Province of Palawan.

There are a total of 66 neighbourhood barangay zones in this city.

Real Estate in Puerto Princesa City is the best investment in Palawan. It has a top rated Bio-Diversity tourism reputation and is a clean, organized city. The value of property here has steadily increased since 2000 and continues to be an attractive choice for those looking for a second home in a tropical environment.

Leave the Rat Race behind and join the humane race to true peace and real freedom.

Productive leisure farm lot near oceanal116main

Code: AL116 – 19,996 sqm |
Location: Mangingisda, Puerto Princesa City

Superb tropical leisure farm near oceanal115main

Code: AL115 – 19,996 sqm |
Location: Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa City

Tropical leisure farm minutes from oceanal112main

Code: AL112 – 20,000 sqm |
Location: Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa City

Superior leisure farm along National roadal111main

Code: AL111 – 33,959 sqm |
Location: Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa City

Along the National Highway with viewsal102main

Code: AL102 – 10,228 sqm |
Location: Bacungan, Puerto Princesa City

Superior leisure farm & Ocean Viewal087main

Code: AL087 – 20,004 sqm |
Location: Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa City

Superior leisure farm with ocean viewal080main

Code: AL080 – 19,997 sqm |
Location: Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa City

Top-class ocean views on this leisure farmal073main

Code: AL073 – 20,000 sqm |
Location: Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa City

Unlimited potential in this leisure farmal065main

Code: AL065 – 19,999 sqm |
Location: Mangingisda, Puerto Princesa City

Very attractive leisure farm with ocean viewal059main

Code: AL059 – 19,995 sqm |
Location: Mangingisda, Puerto Princesa City

Amazing leisure farm with good ocean viewal055main

Code: AL055 – 40,000 sqm |
Location: Mangingisda, Puerto Princesa City

Prime land next to the coast


Code: AL032 – 9,546 sqm |
Location: Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa City

A nice productive leisure farm propertyal031main

Code: AL031 – 15,000 sqm |
Location: Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa City

Ideal for Vacation & Farm Dev’tal073main

New Property!
Code: AL127 – 73,581  sqm |
Location: Barrio Napsan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

A highly distinguished farm propertyal101 main

Code: AL101 – 32,192 sqm |
Location: Sta. Cruz, Puerto Princesa City

An ideal private sanctuary


Code: AL057 – 19,681 sqm | Location: Bacungan, Puerto Princesa City

Amazing views of Honda Bay on farmal014main

Code: AL014 – 43,692 sqm | Location: Manalo, Puerto Princesa City

High quality productive farm propertyal012main

Code: AL012 – 19,808 sqm |
Location: Manalo, Puerto Princesa City

Ideal productive farm propertyal009main

Code: AL009 – 29,932 sqm |
Location: Manalo, Puerto Princesa City

Splendid Seafront Property in Honda Baybl155_(01)main

Code: BL182 – 10,368 sqm |
Location: Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa City

A notable lot in the shopping district

Code: RL066 – 500 sqm |
Location: San Jose, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan