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Palawan is uniquely positioned Equilateral with the trade winds which gives a soft non-threatening surf thought the shorelines. In addition the Island of Palawan is protected from the calamity of Tsunami and most typhoons cannot reach its shores. The shelf of the Palawan is secure and a safe distance from the Ring of Fire further to the East which means there are no earthquakes. The beaches are outstanding and comparable to Boracay and Puckett and has plenty of unspoiled corals to explore.

Palawan has three main tourism hot-spots to consider; Puerto Princesa City, with its Underground River, Crocodile farm, Honda Bay and other tourist attractions; Port Barton in San Vicente is a well-established tourism zone with hotel populated beach cove, waterfalls and island hopping; El Nido is one of the most exotic destinations in Philippines.

Palawan real estate offer you this beautiful and awesome Agricultural Lots, Beachlots, Islands and more.

Future Township Developmental116main

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Code: AL124 – 95,557 sqm |
Location: Manlag, El Nido, Palawan

A farm property for developmental116main

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Code: AL125 – 47,513 sqm |
Location: Villa Libertad, El Nido, Palawan

Exotic Property for Farmingbl153_(1)main

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Code: AL126 – 35,113 sqm |
Location: Manlag, El nido, palawan

Tropical Farm Property with Viewal116main

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Code: AL128 – 106,136 sqm | Location: Pasadeña, Elnido, Palawan

Overlooking Sea Front Properties

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Code: BL164 – 38,145 sqm |
Location: Poblacion, Taytay, Palawan

Self Sustainable Beachfront al033main

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Code: BL170 – 8,184 sqm |
Location: Tumarbong, Roxas, Palawan

Commanding view of Long-Beachbl104_(1)main

Code: BL104 – 4,403 sqm
Location: Poblacion, San Vicente, Palawan

Rolling Hills Property overlooking the oceanal123main

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Code: AL129 – 52,271 sqm |
Location: Pamantolon, TayTay, Palawan

Ideal for Vacation & Farm Dev’tal073main

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Code: AL127 – 73,581  sqm |
Location: Barrio Napsan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan


Let’s Invest in Palawan!

Palawan is more than a vacation destination; it is a smart & fabulous lifestyle choice for those seeking an alternative living experience to modern stressful civilization. More and more foreigners are flying here every day to make this their home. Palawan is one of the few remaining paradise frontiers on Earth where individuals can come to explore the meaning of life in peace and freedom. You will appreciate the hospitality of native Filipinos in their natural unexploited habitat, cherish the verginistic environment and savor the fresh and wholesome foods from the land and ocean.